What is the aquaSketch?

Introducing the aquaSketch Minno, the world’s most advanced writing and reference system for the world’s most extreme conditions. Widely used by NASA, the U.S. Military, marine researchers and search & rescue organizations, aquaSketch offers new possibilities for underwater notation and reference. By replacing multiple tablets or pages with a single interchangeable eight foot scroll of waterproof vellum that can be worn on the wrist, this revolutionary new system combines the durability of a dive slate with the convenience and versatility of paper.

Affordable Waterproof Printing

In addition to all the advantages that aquaSketch provides in reliability and ease of use, aquaSketch is also the only existing practical and cost effective method for bringing printed material into extreme conditions. The aquaSketch vellum can be printed inexpensively in low minimum quantities unlike plastic slates that cannot be loaded into standard printers. Custom printing of maps, checklists, guides, charts or any other waterproof reference material for dive operators, resorts and organizations is now possible and affordable through aquaSketch.

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The aquaSketch Apps

AquaSketch has begun developing a growing assortment of preprinted interchangeable scrolls to address a wide variety of applications. These “Apps” can cover everything from color Fish ID charts, maps and templates to Decompression Schedules and Dive Instruction Class Logs. An aquaSketch App is a template preprinted on a roll of waterproof vellum that is low tech and dependable under extreme conditions with no need for batteries or electronics. To see an index of what is currently available go to the aquaSketch App Store.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

Just about anything that can be done at your desk with paper can now be done underwater or in any severe environment effortlessly with one hand. Print, draw, write, erase, save, scan, copy, etc…the possibilities are endless!
Take a look at all it can do in the video below.

Learn more about the aquaSketch here or purchase one here!