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for the aquaSketch Minno

What are AquaSketch Custom Apps?

AquaSketch Apps are not electronic or downloadable like the standard Apps you may use with your cell phone or tablet. An aquaSketch App does not rely on electronics, batteries or require any special computer coding, it is a simple low tech template preprinted on a roll of waterproof vellum that, when used with the aquaSketch Minno, is a reliable tool under the most extreme conditions or depths. All that is required to create an aquaSketch App is your graphics and text arranged into the proper format by you or our design staff. This enables you to produce specialized waterproof reference material that could have any number of applications. Here are just a few examples: 

• Maps of your individual dive sites. These could include reef systems, wreck diagrams, topographical information, position of the dive boat in reference to the site at  designated times, compass headings, fish species etc…
• Guides or any reference pertaining to specific dive sites.
• Checklists and logs pertaining specifically to your sites.
• Dive training reference for students and instructors.
• Dive site rules and regulations that each diver can access during their dive.


The App Template Modules

AquaSketch has taken short segments that address specific topics from it’s library of preprinted Apps and subdivided them into App Modules. These modules can be used individually or in combination with your own personal text or graphics in designing the layout of your Custom App.

To use them in your Custom App go to the App Modules Page and note the modules you would like to use. When submitting your order please let us know in the App Sequence field on the aquaSketch Custom App Order Form which Modules you would like included and the sequence in which you would like them to be positioned within your App. To see all the App Modules click here to go to the App Modules Page.and note the modules you would like to use. When submitting your order please let us know in the App Sequence field on the aquaSketch Custom App Order Form which Modules you would like included and the sequence in which you would like them to be positioned within your App. To see all the App Modules click here to go to the App Modules Page.

With your company logo and contact information displayed prominently at the beginning and end of each aquaSketch App, it can function as a permanent record of the dive and an incentive for divers to return again. Above are segments of the aquaSketch App we designed for Dutch Springs, the North East’s largest dive training facility. Click here to see a complete PDF of the entire Dutch Springs App


The aquaSketch Advantage

AquaSketch is able to offer a limitless variety of waterproof reference materials and applications at low cost with low minimum quantities by utilizing interchangeable printed waterproof scrolls rather than pages or cumbersome slates. Up to now, in order to create waterproof reference materials there have been only two options: Waterproof Notebooks or Slates. Here is why you probably have never considered either of them:

• Pages, in addition to all their other disadvantages underwater such as their difficulty to manipulate and reference underwater, they require specialized bindings to create notebooks that are durable enough to withstand constant exposure to salt water. The potential of a binding eventually failing during a dive could lead to a potentially dangerous loss of reference and a negative environmental impact. In order to be cost effective they must be produced with high minimum quantities.

• Slates of heavy plastic cannot be loaded into standard flatbed printers thereby requiring a specialized printing process that is time consuming and expensive. To produce multiple colors on a slate requires multiple printing cycles that add to their cost and production time. In addition, plastic slates cannot be cut using a standard cutting device and must be individually cut with a laser router. This also adds to the production time and cost. Slates require minimum order quantities in the thousands.

AquaSketch has revolutionized the ability to use reference material effortlessly and inexpensively underwater, or in any extreme environment. Here’s how:

Low Minimum Quantities – AquaSketch Apps are the only reusable underwater reference that can be produced on a flatbed printer in any quantity. This lowers cost with low minimum quantities.

Low Cost – AquaSketch makes custom underwater reference materials in limited quantities affordable at a fraction of the cost of printed slates or notebooks. Since aquaSketch Apps are printed in one continuous scroll rather than multiple pages or slates they require only one cut per scroll using a standard automated cutter. This also lowers cost, production time and minimum quantities.

Short production time – Once your layout design is approved, your aquaSketch App could be ready to ship within 24 hours.

Revisable – The ability to produce very low minimum quantities enables you to improve and revise your Apps over time without having to commit to large inventories.

Color at No Extra Cost – Printing on the aquaSketch vellum can be done in any color combination with no additional cost.

Greatest Capacity and Durability – AquaSketch offers the greatest underwater reference capacity available in a durable compact device that is reusable indefinitely.

Convenience Under Stress – Once loaded into the aquaSketch Minno, your App is much more compact, easier to use and better organized then a collection of slates or a waterproof notebook.

Reliable – Since aquaSketch Apps are made up of one continuous roll there is no possibility of loosing pages or slates when a binding or cord fails.

Improved Safety – Easy to use underwater reference pertaining to the intricacies of specific dive sites has great potential to improve dive safety.

Low Environmental Impact – Since there are no heavy bindings or thick plastic slates involved, aquaSketch Apps have a very low environmental impact.


Ordering your Custom App


Follow the guidelines in the Custom App Specification and Instructions sheet. Note that there is a minimum of 11 Custom Apps or $120.00 order fee. Make sure that all the art work you would like included in your App conforms to our Formatting Requirements


Print and fill out the Custom App Order Form with the total number of Apps you are ordering including the Basic Layout Fee then Fax, email or mail it with your text and graphics to us at or Fax 845-358-0797.


As soon as we receive your Order Form and App materials we will email you a PayPal / aquaSketch invoice for the Basic Layout Fee. This fee is nonrefundable.


Once we receive your payment we will contact you to let you know that the material in your layout adheres to our Basic Layout requirements and will include a PDF proof of your Custom App


Once the proof is approved by you we will send you a second PayPal / aquaSketch invoice for the remaining printing cost including shipping costs.


As soon as we receive your final payment we will start processing your Custom Apps Order. You should receive your order within 7 – 10 business days. If you need your Apps sooner rush printing and shipping is available. Contact aquaSketch for an estimate.


Follow steps 1-3 above for Basic Layout but select “Advanced” under Design Options. Note that there is a of 11 Custom Apps or $120.00 order fee. Remember that you will be invoiced for the nonrefundable Basic Layout Fee.


If you wish to use our Advanced Layout option or if our design staff determines that you Custom App materials require more layout work then is covered under the Basic Layout Fee, we will send you an Advanced Layout cost estimate minus the Basic Layout Fee. Necessary changes to artwork will be performed by our graphics department at the charge of $50/hour in one hour increments. This estimate will include one free revision. Printing charges remain the same as displayed in the Basic Layout Pricing chart.


Once we receive approval of the estimate we will send you a PayPal / aquaSketch Invoice for the total remaining Advanced Layout Fee (minus the Basic Layout Fee deposit).


As soon as we receive your Advanced layout Fee we will start production on your Custom App layout and send you a PDF Proof as soon as it is ready.


When reviewing your proof if there are any changes required we will make one revision at no extra charge. If more than one additional revision is required by us we will notify you of the added layout charges in advance before adding them to your final printing bill.


Once we have received your final approval of the layout we will send you a final invoice for the remaining printing, shipping and additional design charges if applicable.


After we receive your final payment we will start processing your order. You should receive your Apps within 7 – 10 business days. If you need your order sooner, rush printing and shipping is available. Contact aquaSketch for an estimate.

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