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aquaSketch Dive Slate

Paper for the other 71% of the earth's surface!

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Introducing the aquaSketch Minno, the world’s most advanced writing and reference system for the most extreme conditions. This non-electronic underwater tablet is widely used by NASA, the U.S. Military, marine researchers and search & rescue organizations. aquaSketch offers new possibilities for underwater notation and reference. This revolutionary system combines the durability of a dive slate with the convenience and versatility of paper by replacing multiple tablets or pages with a single interchangeable eight foot scroll of waterproof vellum that can be worn on the wrist.

wear on wrist

Keep maps and checklists right on your wrist


Easily draw and write underwater

create custom scrolls

Create customized scrolls



The aquaSketch Apps

AquaSketch is also developing a growing assortment of preprinted interchangeable scrolls called “Apps.” We have Apps that cover everything from color Fish ID charts, maps, and templates to Decompression Schedules and Dive Instruction Class Logs. Our Apps are preprinted on a roll of waterproof vellum that is non-electronic, low tech and dependable under extreme conditions. To see an index of what is currently available go to the aquaSketch App Store.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
– Leonardo Da Vinci

With the aquaSketch just about anything that can be done at a desk with paper can now be done underwater or in any extreme environment effortlessly with one hand. Print, draw, write, erase, save, scan copy, etc… the possibilities are endless!

Aquasketch black tilt


See how it works!

Simply Scuba dives into the workings of the aquaSketch, get the basics down before you get ready to explore the world's only scrolling slate underwater on your next dive adventure!

aquaSketch has currently has a growing list of dealers, who offer special promotions and deals on the aquaSketch. For more information on dealers or becoming one check out the dealers page!


Most divers benefit by having a means to keep notes during or between dives. Information about conditions, sightings, gear issues etc. are easy to forget before having access to a logbook. AquaSketch is a forearm or wrist-mounted dive slate that uses a 10’ strip of waterproof paper-like material between two rollers. A knob at the end of each roller allows you to scroll forward or back to access previously written information, or to access blank writing space.

cave diver

A better dive slate for scuba instructors

If there is one group of diver that relies on underwater slates more than any other, it has to be instructors. If you are an instructor you no doubt have a stack of slates for every diving course you teach. Depending on the agency, you’ll have around 9 slates for Open Water, 4-6 more for Advanced Open Water, and several for each specialty you teach. Some, like Rescue Diver require over a dozen!

aquaSketch Vellum

Affordable Underwater Printing

AquaSketch is the only existing practical and cost effective method for bringing printed material into aquatic and extreme conditions. The aquaSketch vellum can be printed inexpensively in low quantities unlike plastic slates that cannot be loaded into standard printers. Custom maps, checklists, guides, charts or any other waterproof reference material for dive operators, resorts and organizations are now possible and affordable through aquaSketch.

The only underwater and all weather scrolling slate and notepad used in scuba diving, water sports, outdoor activities, research, military and special forces
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