Aquasketch At The 2017 Dema Show In Las Vegas

AquaSketch will be in Orlando Florid for the 2017 DEMA Show from November 1st thru the 4th. Come visit us at Booth # 2354 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. We’ll be introducing several new aquaSketch accessories and new modifications.

aquaSketch at Bonaire

We purchased our Aqua Sketch from you at last year’s Leisure Pro weekend at Dutch Springs, PA, and have used it exclusively while diving this year. It is a really great product – simple in design and function and easy to use. You seem to have thought of everything when you made this product. When […]

Alex Brylske Ph.D. author of The Complete Diver Endorses aquaSketch

“I teach dozens of scientific research divers every year, and one of their most common challenges is how to record data and take notes underwater. Traditional slates have limitations in term of awkward size, obtrusiveness and data erasures when they rub against other equipment. Finally, there’s something that solves all these problems—the aquaSketch®.Not only can […]

aquaSketch at RMS Tech Singapore

The aquaSketch Minno is the perfect waterproof notebook for Technical Divers.  The easy scroll method stores all of your dive information in one convenient place and you can even scan your vellum into your computer for later reference!

aquaSketch Minno on it’s 1,000th dive!

  I am a Technical Instructor and find Aqua Sketch to be very valuable. It goes on almost every dive with me. For basic recreational diving I find it invaluable for making notes about the dive and communicating with fellow divers. For technical dives the same applies but also allows me to write down my […]