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We purchased our aquaSketch from you at last year’s Leisure Pro weekend at Dutch Springs, PA, and have used it exclusively while diving this year. It is a really great product - simple in design and function and easy to use. You seem to have thought of everything when you made this product.

When my husband and I went to Bonaire in April, we decided that we would get in 18 dives that week so that we would complete our 100th dive in the beautiful and warm water of the Caribbean rather than in the cold and limited visibility of the northeastern United States. I recorded all 18 dives on the one sheet that was loaded in my aquaSketch. I was able to list the starting and ending PSI, heading and reciprocal heading, water temps, dive site and what we saw on each dive for all 18 dives as well as an underwater discussion or two. I did take it just about all the way to the end of the sheet but it was great. I was able to fill out my log book when I got home by going through the notes on my aquaSketch and going through my computer to get my dive depths and times. My husband used his as well to input basically the same type of information.

Thanks for coming up with this great idea. It is easy to use and with all of the different apps available in addition to the blank vellum, you can load it with what you need for your particular dive(s). Thank you.

Judy & Ray

“I teach dozens of scientific research divers every year, and one of their most common challenges is how to record data and take notes underwater. Traditional slates have limitations in term of awkward size, obtrusiveness and data erasures when they rub against other equipment. Finally, there’s something that solves all these problems—the aquaSketch®. Not only can divers record far more data than on a tradition slate, but the scroll-design completely prevents erasures. But what’s perhaps best is it’s convenient size, making it readily at hand when needed and out of the way when not. Hats off to this simple but ingenious solution. I no longer dive without one.”

Alex Brylske, Ph.D.

Professor of Marine Science & Technology

AAUS Diving Safety Officer

Florida Keys Community College, Key West

The aquaSketch Minno is the perfect waterproof notebook for Technical Divers. 
The easy scroll method s tores all of your dive information in one convenient place and you can even scan your vellum in to your computer for later reference!

I am a Technical Instructor and find the aquaSketch Minno to be very valuable. It goes on almost every dive with me. For basic recreational diving I find it invaluable for making notes about the dive and communicating with fellow divers. For technical dives the same applies but also allows me to write down my back up tables etc. and have them just a couple of turns of the scroll knob away. This pho to was taken on my annual 2 week over the Holidays trip to Cozumel on January 1st 2015 at Paso De Cedral.

  Dennis H. Hocker

The only underwater and all weather scrolling slate and notepad used in scuba diving, water sports, outdoor activities, research, military and special forces
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