Alex Brylske, Ph.D.: Author of The Complete Diver Endorses aquaSketch

“I teach dozens of scientific research divers every year, and one of their most common challenges is how to record data and take notes underwater. Traditional slates have limitations in term of awkward size, obtrusiveness and data erasures when they rub against other equipment. Finally, there’s something that solves all these problems—the aquaSketch®. Not only can divers record far more data than on a tradition slate, but the scroll-design completely prevents erasures. But what’s perhaps best is it’s convenient size, making it readily at hand when needed and out of the way when not. Hats off to this simple but ingenious solution. I no longer dive without one.”

Alex Brylske, Ph.D.

Professor of Marine Science & Technology

AAUS Diving Safety Officer

Florida Keys Community College, Key West

The only underwater and all weather scrolling slate and notepad used in scuba diving, water sports, outdoor activities, research, military and special forces
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