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About the aquaSketch Minno

aquaSketch Minno - Draw while scuba diving
The aquaSketch Minno was created by a New York illustrator searching for a way to draw while scuba diving, and an industrial designer who worked with NASA’s Mars Phoenix Lander program.

The result was the aquaSketch Minno, a rugged underwater notebook, sketchpad and reference platform that brings all the convenience and versatility of paper to the marine environment — as well as all other extreme settings.

This patented device is small enough to be worn on the wrist or stored in a pocket, yet it can hold up to ten feet of waterproof material that is printable, scan-able and reusable. Through the ingenious use of the ancient technology of scrolls, rather than pages, all writing and manipulation of the material can be done with one hand. In addition, aquaSketch has developed a collection of pre-printed reference Apps to accommodate a wide variety of industries, field research and sports.
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aquakSketch Cross Section

AquaSketch is the only existing
practical and effective way to do
PERMANENT work in writing,
drafting or illustration underwater,
or in any extreme environment that
may be subjected to water.

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aquaSketch Features and Benefits

#aquaSketch #ComparisonThe aquaSketch Minno Scrolling Slate is a hybrid device that combines the durability of a dive slate with the versatility of paper providing many unique benefits when used under extreme conditions. Think of it as a windproof and waterproof miniature desk with limitless writing and reference capacity that can be worn on the wrist or stored in a pocket. Here are a few of the reasons why aquaSketch is the ultimate device for notation and reference under any extreme condition:


• The diver never writes on the device itself but on replaceable rolls of waterproof vellum up to eight feet long – the most capacity of any existing underwater notation device.


• The Minno is small enough to be stored in a pocket or worn on the wrist and also has an attachment point for a optional retractable llanyard.


• Unlike plastic slates that cannot be loaded into standard printers, the aquaSketch vellum can be printed inexpensively with low minimum quantities. Custom printing of maps, guides and any other reference material for dive operators, resorts and organizations is now possible and very affordable.

Individual reusable templates and reference can be created on the vellum using the aquaSketch waterproof pen.

See: Dutch Springs Map PDF, Custom App Page, App Module Gallery



#dive #scuba #training• aquaSketch has developed a extensive library of pre-printed underwater reference materials or “Apps” available for the aquaSketch Minno such as Color Fish ID Charts, Decompression Schedules, Dive Safety Checklists and much more.

Go to the View App Collection page for more information.


• The aquaSketch Minno has the durability of a slate without the aquaSketch Minno and shark slate’s many limitations. It is simple and virtually indestructible, made of rugged polycarbonate and stainless steel. All aquaSketch products are made to withstand extremes in depth and temperature. The Minno has no batteries or electronics. It was deliberately designed to be low-tech, and dependable in the most adverse conditions.

Easy to use

• The use of scrolls rather than pages enables the writing surface to be kept flat and manageable in strong currents or heavy wind without the need for clips or rubber bands. When worn on the wrist, it is optimized for easy, single-handed use. The aquaSketch pencil is made of solid graphite eliminating the need for sharpening during a dive.


Saving notes
limitless waterproof notepad and reference
• Any notes that need to be saved can be rolled into the protective casing of the Minno with a simple turn of the knob, or unwound for review. Since the vellum is one continuous scroll there is no possibility of losing pages as with a notebook or wrist slate. After a dive the vellum can be scanned or photographed for digital archiving.


• The aquaSketch vellum is made of an indestructible waterproof material originally engineered for architectural drafting at construction sites. It was designed with a textured surface ideal for use with graphite and/or ink. This enables divers to achieve much darker and readable lines then were ever possible on slates.

aquaSketch Minno

• The backplate of the aquaSketch Minno is made of phosphorescent material. By shining a dive light over the writing surface, the vellum will backlight the writing surface for an equal duration of time allowing the diver to write without having to hold a light.


• Notes written underwater, that do not need to be saved, can easily be erased by just rubbing them out with a finger or any soft material. The textured surface of the aquaSketch vellum makes it very easy to erase completely during or after a dive. After a dive, a entire roll of vellum can be erased in seconds using the aquaSketch Eraser Pad.

aquaSketch Minno

• Once notes are scanned or photographed for digital archiving, the vellum can be erased completely and reused idefinitely.

• Unlike slates, with the aquaSketch you are not writing on the device itself but on the loaded vellum. If the vellum ever wears out or becomes damaged it can be easily replaced at little cost without replacing the unit.

aquaSketch Minno Slates

AquaSketch is currently in use by The US Navy, NASA, NOAA, The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, geologists working in the petroleum industry, search and rescue organizations, Police SWAT teams, underwater construction, sports referees, professional cooks, aviators, bird watchers, ski patrols and alpinists to name a few.

Whatever the job or activity in any extreme condition on land, underwater or in low gravity, if there is a need for notation and reference, aquaSketch is the right tool for the job.


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